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Courtney Lowman is a podcaster, teacher, musician, discipler, mom, & wife. After a few years of teaching high school choir, God allowed Courtney to stay at home with her boys where she teaches private lessons, teaches women’s bible study, and leads a discipleship ministry at her church. Her time studying the Bible, as a missionary, and discipling women has convinced her of the absolute need for discipleship and mentorship in every woman’s life. Her favorite way to spend time is talking about anything with anyone over a good cup of coffee! She’s been that way since before she could talk (minus the coffee of course)!


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Courtney has taught on many of the challenges that face women. She enthusiastically directs women to the Word to find answers and encouragement. Courtney is also passionate about discipleship within the world today. She is convinced that it is a command for all Christians and a need in every woman’s life. 

“I love the idea that God has not sent us on this faith journey alone. Instead He’s given us a community of believers to help us! In that community there are some that can help us as we grow in our relationship with Christ and others that we can help encourage along their path.”


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