Love Jesus.  Study His Word.  Reach Others.

About The Journey

The Journey of Ruth Podcast has a goal of encouraging women in faith and discipleship. I believe all women need to be inspired in their walk with God and have the ability to encourage others around them. Each week I get to have a fun conversation with a wise woman of the faith about their challenges and victories in life.


I feel that having discipleship in your life is very important to spiritual growth. I have been blessed with many wonderful ladies that speak truth into my life and I want to share them with everyone! My hope is to encourage anyone who doesn’t have a mentor to find a woman to disciple them and to reach out to someone that they can encourage and disciple. Come join us, listen to the wisdom, and go share it with someone!

How Do I find a Discipler?

This is a common questions....and we have an answer.

The PLAA Process

Click below to download the 4 step PLAA Process Worksheet


Directing women to the Word of God